Simple Yet Fun 30th Birthday Ideas

They say life begins at 40. But at this article, we won?t be talking about celebrating your 40th birthday. Instead, we will discuss about 30th birthday ideas?10 years before life begins.

For most people, turning 30 is a major milestone. Most of people are afraid to turn 30 because they afraid of growing old. But before they knew it, they?re already on the verge of turning 30. So instead of avoiding the fact that you are actually turning 30, it would be better to just let it be and just prepare for things to make that day more memorable.

Now let?s face the reality: we are all going to turn 30 and whether we like it or not, there?s nothing that we can do to prevent it from happening. Remember that you don?t have to spend too much or do plenty of this to make this day memorable than any other day.

All you have to do is to be very creative and spontaneous when planning your 30th  birthday and execute all your plans to make this day fun for you and for the people you love.

So let?s begin by thinking what probably you want to happen in your birthday. When choosing a theme for your special day, you should first identify what are the things that elate you.

Travel the world

picsIf you love of traveling (who doesn?t?), then spending that day traveling abroad or just within the country can be a very smart idea to do. Whether you feel like doing it alone or with some friends, no problem. The point is, roaming somewhere on your special day is a very astonishing thing to do.

Feel like going on a Euro trip? Then what are you waiting for? Pack those stuff and head for the destination that makes you happy.

Women are more traveler type than men. But for men, don?t be contained just because you are not really into it. Who knows, you will love it as much as women do.

Doing charity works

picsThe pajama parties and over now since you?ve been here on earth for almost three decades now. So sharing your time to those who need the most is a very warming thing to do. Whether you want to spend it in foster homes or in nursing homes, do what makes you and other people happy.

Exploring things that are totally new to you and so not you offers a very good feeling. Making children at foster care centers happy gives a sort of happiness that nothing in the world can give.


Cooking foreign cuisine

picsHave you been dying to cook a Chinese food or that Italian Pizza recipe you?ve been trying to replicate but just can?t? Then now?s the perfect time to cook that recipe and show to your friends that after all those years, you have learned something that not all people don?t know how to do.

They say the best way to a person?s heart is through their stomach. Then if you?re planning to impress someone with your cooking skills, there?s no other time to do it but on your birthday. 

Visiting your parents 

It?s a famous cliché that you can?t give up on family, so if your relationship with your old folks is a bit shaky, then this might be the right time to reconcile with them and reconnect.

picsThere?s no place like home so if you don?t have plans of going abroad, why not go to your hometown and pay your parents a visit. Who knows, they?ve prepared a simple dinner for you even though they aren?t expecting you to visit them.

These are only few of the seemingly limitless 30th birthday ideas that people can try to have a rewarding and memorable day.

30th Birthday Gift ideas for Her : Make Your Woman Feel Special on Her Natal Day

Turning thirty is a crucial point in someone’s life. It is like a passage. It is a threshold. You are in a crossroad.  As they say, this is the number that will soon be out of the calendar. So people tend to put emphasis on this life’s celebration.


And we created this post for people who know a wonderful woman who will be crossing that crossroads. Here, we will give you 30th birthday gift ideas for her, from splurge up to very practical ones. We will have another post for 30th birthday idea for men.

This post is for someone who wants to make that day special and a moment to be in one of the books.

In any gift giving, there are things to consider.  One is the personality of the receiver and of course your budget. You can splurge to get that customized bag or you can opt to get the practical gift. e very practical and put your own touch to it.

Gifts show also your personality, creativity and how you know the celebrant. So let’s take the nitty gritty determining the best birthday gift for her. from practical ones to expensive ones, if you must. You either splurge and save up. When we say save, it does not mean you have to scrimp but practical ones you can get.

If she loves traveling, then these are perfect gift ideas for the women you love, she could be your mother, your partner or special woman of your life.


SPLURGE: You can book her a flight to some private island for a vacation. Give her a long overdue rest. Or you can buy her a luggage or backpack to replace her old one will be very helpful.

SCRIMP: Well, a good passport holder will surely put a smile on her face. For globetrotting one, you can buy her the a planner or those hygiene kit organizer.

If she’s the kind who loves to dress up and accessorize, then here are are 30th birthday gift ideas for her. 

SPLURGE. Etsy has a lot of customized vintage bracelets that you can pre-order. you can add your own touch on these lovely bracelets. If she’s addicted to a TV show, you can also add some touch to that trinket.

SCRIMP. If you have the talent for making out accessories, then this is the time you can design it with gusto and add up your own signature creative style.

If she’s a water baby and loves the outdoor so much, then here is the choices you can take.

SPLURGE. Get her a new surf board baby and a trip to the beach. A massage on the beach during sunset will surely make her say a prayer of thanks for your generosity.

SCRIMP. You can always get her a new swimsuit. Or a flowery scarf that will make her stand out while hanging on the beach.

Who says going 30 will stop her from being so active? 30 is the new 20 and the amazing high standards in wellness and fitness would show how people have come to appreciate and discipline.

SPLURGE. The latest treadmill for her to do her exercise right at your home will make her smile so wide. Or promise to pay all of her annual gym membership fee or if she’s into yoga, Nike’s new yoga mat will do.

SCRIMP. Giver her the new craze in smoothie business- the Nutriblast. It’s cheap and very helpful for people trying to lose weight.

For someone who loves to read and sing, then here are the things you can consider.
bamboo-iphone-speaker.jpgbamboo iphone

SPLURGE. The new ipad mini with retina display for all of her reading and Spotify playlist.

SCRIMP. If she already got all the gadget, then give her the earth-friendly accompaniment- the bamboo iphone amplifier!

If she’s the kind of woman who works for the common and social good, here’s what you can get for her:

SPLURGE. A grand birthday celebration cum fundraising that will be donated to the charity of her choice.

SCRIMP. Organize a small gathering of friends and try to have a tree, more so mangrove tree-growing activity.

These are just some of the 30th birthday gift ideas for Her – the woman who got a big place in your heart and that is why you’re searching for the best gift that she can use. Remember these are all not about the money you spent but with the thought you have put into it. 



30th Birthday Ideas for Men

Gifts are not just material things. The gift economy are bolstered because in our cultural values are integrated in these material possession we give out to others that shows our generosity, mutual trust and thoughtfulness with another person.

It is not just women who are making fuss on crossing the threshold of age. Men, despite their “I’m cool and I don’t intend to make you surprises attitude” is looking forward to this time. As we contend, 30 is the crossroad of our so called mortality as being counted in the Roman calendar. And what’s the best way to surprise your partner?


Giving them a something, a gift that he will always remember. And a gift can be very expensive or something very practical, depending on what you think will suit the personality of the celebrant.

These 30th birthday ideas for men will consider his personality and your budget. It also encapsulates your personality to be integrated in these material stuff. We already gave you ideas what to give to women in your life, now these are the things you can make or get for your man

If he is very busy businessman, here are things you can consider.

SPLURGE. Another three-piece suit to add for his formal wear for his new business presentations. Make him stand out by getting a customized suit that he’ll be his lucky charm on claiming the upward take in the corporate ladder.

SCRIMP. A business tie that will match his corporate attire. Or if he already had a gazillion of ties in his wardrobe then time to get him new loafers for a preppy look on his presentation.

If he is a movie buff, then you can consider getting these 30th birthday ideas for men.


SPLURGE. If he is a fan of Tony Stark, then you can get him an Iphone or Macbook decal. If he is into the Dark Lord, Obi-wan Kenobi and the Jedi, make him a playful one by giving him his own Sith cloak or a sword.

SCRIMP. This Iron Man $200 memorabilia encased proof of heart will make him smile so hard. It is very popular that it is only for limited purchase so order npw. Or you can buy his own classic movies collection.

If he is the gypsy-like cowboy, then these manly accessories will make him kiss you fully on the lips.

SPLURGE. A copper and gold bracelet or made of caliber bracelet that he can use with work.

SCRIMP. A bracelet that resembles camera lens (best for your photographer or hobbyist) or a leather bracelet. Or if you want to push your own signature to it, then make him a recycled  guitar string bracelet or those made out of beer cans. Or if he likes going mountaineering, a paracord bracelet will put your mind at ease as it is used as part of the survival kit.

If he is into music and cannot get his hands off that iphone, then here are his best buddies while jogging or just relaxing.

bamboo-iphone-speaker.jpgbamboo iphone

SPLURGE. Take him to the concert of his favorite band and make that night unforgettable.

SCRIMP. Get him this iphone bamboo amplifier. Or make him a mixtape and put it online via 8tracks or Spotify.

If he’s the sporty one, then consider getting these for him.

SPLURGE. A new sports equipment for him but if he thinks its too much or you got no longer free space in your area, then paying for his gym membership and adding it with yoga enrollment is an option. You cna also get him new sneakers. 

SCRIMP.  If he is into boxing, then get him a new boxing gloves or new sports wear. 

If he is a beach bum, then these surely will make him want to take you to a long vacation.

SPLURGE. Why not give him a new surfboard? Or a vacation unto his favorite destination? A surprise trip and ‘kidnapping’ him will add up spice to your romance.

SCRIMP. A hammock or the traveller’s pillow that can be turned into a hammock will surely make him cuddle up with you on the beach. 

Remember whatever you give him, whether it is the most expensive one or the one you make yourself, gifts are just a small part of ourselves we give to the celebrant. And that celebrant who is very dear to your heart only deserves the best. These are just 30th birthday ideas for men that is a part of your life. And birthdays are blessings, a reminder of humanity’s mortality and better to give your best shot on making that person feel special on his natal day by wrapping that well-thought out gift.

30th Birthday Celebration Ideas ? Make Fun-Filled Memories on that Special day

Birthdays that ends with ?0? are usually considered as milestone birthdays. Well, this doesn?t come as a surprise, as these occasions signify a number of important things for the celebrant. For instance, it may be seen as an end and a time for looking back at a decade that has passed. At the same time, it also is a welcome to yet another decade of possibilities and a way of saying that, ?Yes! I am prepared for even more decades of awesome life experiences.? Given that, it is pretty apparent how a lot of people choose to celebrate this turning of decade with friends, loved ones and other people who are close to their hearts. Turning 30 is no exception to this. By the time a person turns 30, he/she should have a better grasp of where he/she is in life and where he/she is headed to. It can be seen as a time of clarity yet still you cannot be entirely sure of what the future brings. It might be something that others anticipate while some might see it as a pretty complicated time. Whatever your view on being 30 is, nothing can change the fact that turning 30 is an occasion that deserves recognition. So, how exactly do you that? Of course, simply enjoy yourself with whoever you want to spend your special day with. If you have no idea as to how you should spend that memorable day, then check out some of these 30th birthday celebration ideas to help you jump start that another amazing decade in life.

Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

Turning 30 will most likely incite a variety of reactions. No matter how you look at it, it all really is a matter of perspective. Whatever you might be thinking about being 30, remember that reaching that age is an accomplishment in itself. From that, you can have a variety of reasons to celebrate a welcome to another decade in your life. How you celebrate it also depends on your preferences. Do you plan to throw out a big party? Do you want to have a little gathering with people close to your hearts? Or do you think that it is a great time to go soul searching and go to a place you?ve never been to before. Your plan will greatly rely on your circumstances and on the choices that you make. Remember that whatever plan you make, don?t forget to have fun and make turning 30 an unforgettable event that?s going to be worth reminiscing someday.

Have a Themed Party

There?s no excuse for not celebrating your birthday with a theme even as you turn 30. Having a themed party even makes things more fun and exciting! Aside from that fact, your guests will surely be able to participate and add even more life to the party by exercising their creativity based on the theme. You can ask them to dress up based on the selected theme and you better prepare yourself at how surprising things can get. What are some of the themes to choose from? There?s a variety, really, and you can choose the one that you think will be the most interesting. You can choose to go retro, have a glam-inspired party or maybe select a theme that can let out everyone?s inner child. Once a theme is chosen, have fun with planning out the other details such as the menu, invitations, decorations and games. It sure is going to be a fun and unforgettable birthday celebration!

Go on a Trip

By the time your 30, you would have found stability in certain aspects of your life. Hence, it is about time to set aside your excuses, break free from your regular routines and go on a trip of a lifetime. Whether you choose to do it solo or with your close friends, carefully lay out a plan of what you want to do on the said trip. Preparing an itinerary and researching about the places that you plan to head to will definitely make things easier for you once you find yourself on the road.

Pay It Forward

Are you feeling blessed and feel like sharing what you have with those who are less fortunate? Although this is something that can be done on other occasions, marking your 30th birthday by being charitable is certainly an extraordinary gesture. Do this through volunteering or through donating some of your hard-earned cash for a good cause.

These are just some 30th birthday celebration ideas that will surely give you tons of priceless moments once that decade turn arrives. If the aforementioned aren?t enough to make you excited about turning 30, then you seriously need to do some re-evaluation. Being 30 is sure going to be a thrilling experience. At the end of the day, keep a positive outlook and always believe in all the possibilities that life has ahead of you no matter the what age you are turning to.

Practical Birthday Present Ideas for all

If you have ran out of brilliant birthday present ideas but you are eager to give that special someone a special gift, then you came to the right place. Choosing the right first for someone doesn?t have to be that stressful actually. You just have to be open on different things that must be taken into account when choosing a gift to someone.

Personalized gifts

If you are contemplating of giving a personalized gift, you just have to be very careful on what to give to who. First, if you think you have the time and the skills needed to make that personalized gift that you?ve been eyeing to make, then go for it. You just have make it a point that whatever is that you are planning to give is something very special otherwise, it will just end up in the trash bin.bday

Happy birthday cakes

Almost everybody loves cakes on their birthday. That?s a given fact. Thus, considering a cake as a gift to someone dear to you is a sensible option. If possible, put a customized message or decoration on the cake to make it more personal and intimate. There are actually plenty of pastry shops that offer these services across the country.

Tickets to a concert

Giving a ticket or two to a concert or any performance to someone as a birthday present is quite unique exceptionally special. If you?re lucky, if you know that the celebrator?s idol band is doing a concert, giving him or her some tickets to the concert will be a perfect idea.

To sum it up, giving a gift to someone doesn?t have to be that problematic if you will just follow some birthday present ideas and tips that are proven effective in most cases. But it is also best to let your own creativity flow and don?t be afraid to be restrained by apprehensions that your present to someone might be a disaster.

Things to Consider When Choosing 30th Birthday Gifts

If you know a person who is about to celebrate his or her 30th birthday, you should probably start researching the most appropriate 30th birthday gifts for that someone. Generally, there are popular and generic gift ideas you can try that might work that special person of yours.

Personalized vs. ready-made gifts

giftideasWe all know that personalized gifts appeal more to most people than the generic gifts that you can just find in any store near you. For most people, personalized gifts, especially if those made by the person giving it are more intimate thus, more likely to leave mark to the receiver.

But this does not mean that gifts that you can just grab at the mall are inferior of value to the celebrator. For as long as the gift that you grabbed for someone at the mall is something that of value to the celebrator, you are safe. The giver must ensure though that the gift you are planning to give is not just a random stuff that you first saw when finding for possible gifts.

Consider the receiver?s personality

One of the best gauges in choosing a gift for someone is to base that gift to his or her personality. This includes the person?s fashion sense, favorite color, and lifestyle, among others. If you were able to consider these vital points, you will be safe.

When giving gifts, the giver can also express his uniqueness and personality through his or her choice of gift. Who to do this? If you are the type of person who loves adventure and outdoor activities, you can actually show your personality through your choice of gift. However, you should still take into account the person who will receive that gift. Remember that choosing the right 30th birthday gifts for someone doesn?t have to be complicated and troublesome if you will follow pointers and tips.

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